Messi continues being hated by Argentina fans

Lionel Messi is widely considered to be the best player in the world, some even say that he’s the best in the history of the sport and this is mainly due to the feats that he has accomplished with Barcelona. Whenever he plays wearing a jersey of the Spanish club, Messi plays like his life is on the line and he makes sublime performances in every single match.

Things are completely different when Messi is performing with the Argentina shirt, the diminutive simply doesn’t seem like the same player. With Argentina, Messi is usually performing at a mediocre level there are some exceptions however, but in the vast majority of the times, his performances are underwhelming especially when compared to his Barcelona ones.

It’s because of this difference that exists in his performances with Barcelona and Argentina that the supporters of the Argentina national side have started to take a hate towards Lionel Messi as those fans want to see Messi pushing Argentina to success and help them win a number of major titles but it hasn’t happened.

Since the beginning of Messi’s career, he has had a love hate relationship with the Argentina fanboys. There certainly are people who support him but there are others who believe that he isn’t giving it his all when it comes to playing at the international stage with Argentina and have developed a hate towards him, this was especially evident in recent times when Lionel Messi was travelling through Tokyo’s Narita airport and a River Plate supporter spit at Barcelona’s ace.

This hate that Argentina fanboys have created towards Lionel Messi is something that will only damage the Argentine national side and their chances of winning a major piece of silverware. Lionel Messi has hands down been the best player in the world from the past 10 years and this is clear just by taking a look at all of the individual awards that he has been receiving and this includes having secured 4 Ballon d’Or as well as many other achievements and records that have been broken by the small magician.

Just because Messi plays out of this world with the Barcelona jersey, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will do the same with Argentina as there are a number of factors which has to be considered but something that has to happen and soon is the hate from the Argentina and it has to stop now or it will possibly force Messi to stay out of the international stage for good.