The star of Barcelona and Argentina, Lionel Messi came back from the injury he has been suffering from the past few months and has already made an immediate impact with Barcelona as he continues the superb form he has been enjoying in recent times by scoring goals and helping his club maintain the top spot in La Liga.

The Argentine superstar has a busy year ahead of him with Champions League, La Liga, and the 2014 World Cup is nearing closer and closer. Messi is hands down the most influential and important player not only for Barcelona but also for his country, Argentina.

Messi believes that this year can be a great one for Argentina as the team has been improving and growing both on and off the pitch.

“I’m very well, full of energy and with a lot of hope. I was able to play again after a long time. I’m happy with my current form and slowly but surely I will be getting there to hopefully peak at the right time of the year.”


He added: “I hope this could be a great year not only for me but also for Barcelona and for Argentina.


“I think this World Cup arrives at a good time for Argentina. We have grown as a team on and off the pitch. We have a great bunch of lads that love to play for our country. I think we will get to Brazil in a great shape and with all the chances in the world. It will be extra special, well above all the other World Cups; it is in Brazil, with everything that means for us. Our supporters will be there in their thousands and with them behind us I’m sure we can achieve something very, very special.”


Much of the responsibilities will be resting on Messi as he is not only the star player for Argentina but also the captain.