Betting tips on the Premier League

This season the Premier League will be a very different animal from that of 2012/13 and the various management changes are having a significant impact on the betting odds. Notably, the current favourite club to win the league is Chelsea under the management of their returning prodigal manager Jose Mourinho. However, if you are looking for some exciting odds, why not take a punt on Tottenham Hotspur? Currently priced at up to 40/1 it could be a value bet.

Despite the loss of Harry Redknapp the cub still managed a 5th place finish last season and there is a strong squad for the start of the new season. Gareth Bale is still there and last season he scored almost a third of the clubs 66 goals. Last season the principle weakness was in defence, but there have been a number of transfers that have hopefully plugged the gap. Certainly Tottenham can expect to finish in the top four; but they do have a chance of winning that is certainly worth a small bet at 40/1; better odds than a spin on a roulette wheel and with a better chance of making a profit.

Getting a little impatient for the start of the new season? In many ways the anticipation is one of the best parts, but if you are looking for a way to relax a little then there is an interesting football themed slots game that has appeared at many online casinos called “Game On”. This is a modern version of the one-armed bandit and has just three reels and a single pay line. In many ways the game is a bizarre mix of an old fashioned fruit machine and football themed slot, but it is undeniably entertaining and with a top prize jackpot payout of £10,000 it can make you undeniably considerably better off.