Dany Blind, former Dutch international and coach and the father of one-time Manchester United defender Daley Blind, believes Liverpool forward is more of a “new Ronaldo” than Lionel Messi.

Speaking and praising the Senegal international for his impact so far at Anfield, the Dutch was particularly impressed with Mane’s ability to use both feet to full effect.

Sadio is yet to have a disappointing season at Anfield after switching from Southampton and has remained one of the major backbones of the Jurgen Klopp era. Instead, he gets better every season. After failing to win the Premier League last season, with 13 goals scored so far this season, Mane has managed to put Liverpool at the top of the league with little to no competition from the rest of the teams.

Thanks to the insane stats recorded by Ronaldo and Messi since the decade, every good player in his prime has found himself being compared to the two. For some people Mane is more of Messi while for Danny Blind, given the Senegalese completeness as a well-rounded professional, Cristiano Ronaldo remains the appropriate comparison.

It doesn’t cross the comparison squad’s mind on how Sadio Mane might just be Sadio Mane. A complete player with his unique skills, style of play and personality. For some weird reason, every successful footballer has to have the mode of either Ronaldo or Messi because somehow the shape of their head or how they bend their leg is the reason they are this successful.

Sadio Mane together with Mohammed Salah have somehow combined to remind the world of football, once again how anyone is dispensable in life. There was a time Liverpool looked like they wouldn’t breath with Luiz Suarez or Phillipe Coutinho in their side but somehow they are going to win their first Premier League title in decades without them.