Lionel Messi said Ronaldo the Phenomenon is the greatest striker he ever saw on the field of play. The Argentine, who is usually in the conversation for the best player ever, is always compared with CristianoRonaldo.The Barcelona legend said of all he strikers he saw, Nazario was just unbelievable.

The player, who would be winding down his illustrious career in a couple of years, said his dream of returning to play for Newell where he started his career is highly unlikely due to his duty to his family.

On his career, he praised Ronaldinho for helping him at a younger age, mentoring him and helping him loosen up. Of recent, he admitted being very close with Luis Suarez as they play every three days, live close to each other, have kids the same ageand spend a lot of time together.

Messi also spoke on VAR tech in the game, saying he does not like the fact that the technology is not still clearing the doubts as expected. He said while the adoption of the technology is good, he opines that the deployment has not been top notch.

Barcelona are set to return to the top of the table after stumbling at the start. Messi said when he returned from injury he started training intensely instead of taking it slow hence the relapse. Now he is fully back in action and ready to lead the team to more La Liga titles he prioritized over continental glory. The El Clasico had to be postponed due to the security threats. The new date is December 18, 2019. Still this remains a tentative date.

Messi promised to remain at Barcelona until the end of his career and even beyond. He is content with his achievements in a Barcelona shirt, and would not trade it for international success with Argentina.