25 thoughts on “Lionel Messi Vs Luck! – Part 1 | HD”

  1. in order to use this line you should be able to back it up with ronaldo being beast with portugal, but this is not the case at all so i would suggest to not use this…

  2. propper defending ? you wouldnt be saying the same thing if 1 out of the 4 posts barca made wouldve gone in, or if busquets would learn how to properly strike a football within the penalty area….

  3. Hahhahah, and Ronaldo, Neymar and Nani have accuracy, skill and ability. Damn right. Please get off their dicks.

  4. 0:22 that no Luck but a good save of a talented Goalkeeper, Yeh Messi is Complete foward, Cristiano too Btw, 50 goal for Messi and 46 for CR this season they are definitly the bests Players of the moment. But No one can Score all the time . 😉

  5. u can make an 3:22 minutes video of his fails and a 1 day video of his goals 😉

  6. Please tell me what the comment was? its flagged now….i so want to read it now lol

  7. dude really?? without luck, football would be a gay sport.. sometimes luck is what makes football exciting… just look at Manchester city they got lucky at the last minute

  8. Messi is the best. He dribbles between everybody in every clip. Not everyone can do that.

  9. FC Barcelona is my religion, Camp Nou is my church & Lionel Messi is my God 😀

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